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Reduce your Lost and Found handling time and costs up to 90 %.

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Key Benefits

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6 x Higher Return Rate

Utilizing Have it Back’s Lost and Found Management Platform increases lost item return rates by more than 500 %, providing clear customer service advantages.

benefits of product


Quickly implement the free Lost and Found Management Platform and see how easy it can be to improve lost and found administration across your organization and locations.

benefits of product

Social Lost and Found

By "crowdsourcing" lost and found activities, your business can significantly reduce employee effort in administering lost and found programs, freeing staff to concentrate on core business.

Reduce Lost and Found handling time up to 90 %

We will show you how.


Optimize Lost and Found Administration and Handling

Have it Back’s Lost and Found Manager is designed to reduce lost and found administration workload, while improving service and increasing customer satisfaction. Our Lost and Found management platform paves the way for efficient handling of found item returns.

  • Minimize Return Time
  • Improve Accessibility
  • Control Costs

Always up-to-date

The Lost and Found Manager simplifies the administration and handling of lost and found items and associated customer inquiries. Our system improves accessibility to information – available online 24/7 – and automatically matches found items with inquiries based on descriptive information.


Publish in the largest online lost and found platform

The world's largest online Lost and Found system, Have it Back (haveitback.com), offers an easy way to search for anything that's gone missing. The platform is easy to use and available for private users and companies to search for or post lost items.


Return Handling Gateway

The Return Handling Gateway is your payment and shipping provider for lost and found items. It offers a simple and standardized interface to all relevant payment and logistics services. Thanks to state-of-the-art processes, you can send found items back on behalf of your customers with ease.

Reviews From Our Clients

This is exactly what we’ve been missing. Our customers appreciate the ability to quickly look for their lost items with 24/7 accessibility.

— Jan S., Airport Lost and Found

We hardly have to do anything. The solution takes care of itself for the most part. This is a huge time saving for us.

— Adam B., Hospital General Officer

It's great to manage found items effortlessly. Hopefully, everyone will be using Have it Back's platform soon.

— Michael D., CEO Hotel in Berlin

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The Lost and Found Manager is designed to significantly decrease your company’s workload
– increase your service capabilities while improving customer success at the same time.


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